Thursday, June 6, 2013

Someone to vary my days

"Don't be afraid that it won't be perfect. The only thing to be afraid of is that it won't be." 

Someone to need you too much
Someone to know you too well
Someone to pull you up short, and put you through hell. 

Someone you have to let in
Someone whose feelings you spare
Someone who like it or not will want you to share 
a little, a lot. 

Someone to crowd you with love
Someone to force you to care
Someone to make you come through
Who'll always be there, as frightened as you
of being alive. 

Somebody, hold me too close
Somebody, hurt me too deep
Somebody, sit in my chair and ruin my sleep
and make me aware of being alive.

Somebody, need me too much
Somebody, know me too well
Somebody, pull me up short and put me through hell and give me support
for being alive. 
Make me alive. 

I'm feeling rather sentimental tonight, as my biggest little brother got married to his girlfriend of six years... I am overwhelmed with happiness for them. God has blessed my family way more than we could ever deserve.
The song lyrics from one of my very favorite musicals, Company. Here is an incredible performance of the song, if you have the time to give it a listen. Photo is from a friend's wedding last summer!

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  1. Everyone is getting married it seems and it makes me giddy!

    Amanda Rose