Sunday, June 9, 2013

This Week:

 A lot has happened in the past week!

1. My brother got married! Trevor and Amber have been together since they were in 8th grade (cue the "aww's") and they have been engaged since February '12. About a month ago, they decided they'd like to get married on their dating anniversary (June 6), so this whole "let's get married" thing was no real surprise to us. The surprise was that the night before the ceremony, they had no venue, no real concept of what they were doing, and had just secured a minister that day! It's so funny, though, because this totally represents them as a couple. They aren't the kind to make a lot of advance plans, and they just kinda do what they want to do. The fact that they were sitting at my parents brainstorming different places to get married the very next day totally makes sense. If only I were that free spirited... ;)

2. Breigh is home from the hospital, and not only that, she's up and going like an almost normal gal! I mean, she'll be out of real commission for a couple of months (also considering that she can't drive for the next 6 months), but we are so grateful for the improvements she's made since the seizures started. So happy!

3. Blake and I have been thrifting every so often for little decor items to put on the tables for our wedding. On a recent trip we decided to dig through the movies and cassette tapes, and I found Les Miserables on tape! And not only that, but it was the original London cast recording (Patti LuPone! Eee! I'm such a nerd...). I was so excited to listen to it that I took the long way home just to listen to it longer! It never fails, every time I listen to the music, I always want to go straight home and watch the movie.

4. Last night was the #tremma wedding! I'm so incredibly happy for Emma & Trey. I don't think I've ever been to a cooler wedding. I mean, really, they provided lemonades (and beer!) to drink during the ceremony, which was located out on a pond at their grandmother's cabin. The reception was full of yummy cocktails, amazing appetizers (holy, shrimp cocktails!), and the most amazing ice cream bar. Emma looked absolutely incredible in her dress (which was handmade!). I'd seen photos of her in it that morning on Instagram, but it was seriously nothing compared to seeing her in person!
I'm incredibly fortunate to work for both Emma & Elsie. They are truly inspiring ladies and I'm so honored that they have both allowed me (and Blake!) to be part of their special days! It makes me look forward to sharing mine with them!

How has your week been? I can't believe the weekend is already over (insert sadface here)!
xo Haley

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