Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello, lover.

The first blog post from a brand new Macbook Pro...
Oh, how I've longed for this. Seriously, though.

I got my first Mac about 2.5 years ago. My parents bought it off of my youth pastor, who was upgrading to a Pro. At the time, I think the computer was about 4 years old (which makes it like 6 now?  OLD in the land of computers). Approximately 3 or 4 months after getting the new to me Mac, a can of coke burst in my backpack completely soaking my computer from the inside out. We let it air out for a few days, took it apart, aired it out some more, and it finally turned back on, and business was usual (with the exception of sound. The sound never quite came back, regretfully). THEN one day while nannying, the kiddos played a little too hard and bent my computer all outta wack. It never fully aligned  while closed after that... And a few days after ordering a new Mac, the insides of my computer literally fell out. I'd give a reference photo, but it's just too sad to show (but you can see it on Instagram, if you follow me!).

So here we are... a brand new computer, with no scratches, no imperfections, sound that works perfectly. Ah, I've missed this.

Now I have to make sizable monthly payments on this sucker.
All for a good cause, I'd say.

I'm hoping to be around here more often, since I'm not afraid to open my computer anymore. So here's to more regular blogging.

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