Friday, March 14, 2014

03 // a playlist

A photo of my cat just for good measure.

Hey! March is officially halfway over and I'm finally getting around to making my March playlist! I don't know about you, but March has been absolutely nuts so far. All it's been is busy, busy, busy.
Today is my third day in a row of 14 hour work days... can I just say, I'm absolutely exhausted! Kids are tough business, I'll tell ya that.
Also, speaking of kids. Everyone is having babies (literally, everyone. In real life, in blog land, everyone) and it's not okay. Baby fever is impossible to live with.
ANYWAY. Here's the March playlist. Currently it's only available on Spotify, but if I get some more time I'll update this post with the Grooveshark playlist, as well.
It's a big old mix of everything that I've been listening to (a lot) lately. A few favorites from this month's rotation is Far From Any Road by the Handsome Family (it's the theme song from HBO's True Detective) and Drunk On Love by Rihanna. Okay, so Drunk On Love is my JAM. Intro by The XX is sampled for this song and it's kind of silly but Blake and I love it - we listen to it at least twice every time we are in the car.
Enjoy! (and happy Friday!)

xo Haley