Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside + PL Update

HOLY FUDGE. Right now it's a chilly 23 degrees out, with a real feel temp of 11, and sheets and sheets of ice raining from the sky. This is awful and I hate winter.
I drove to work this morning, with the only symptom of winter weather being the frigid cold, but a few hours into my day, I'm getting a call from my boss that as soon as she gets home, I need to leave so I don't get stuck out at their house (of course, I've yet to move a good portion of my things from their nanny apartment, so I could probably get snowed in for a week and survive pretty well, ha!).
Anyway. First thing that pops into my head, is YES, I'M GOING HOME EARLY! Second, Shoot, I have to drive home in this crap. So what do I do? I call my doting husband to come pick me up.*

Now, I'm snuggled into the couch with lots of blankets, a big mug of hot chocolate, and all the lifetime movies Netflix and Hulu have to offer. The 4-6" of ice that they're calling for? Well. I'm not so scared of it, now that I'm in the warm comfort of my home (thank you Jesus that I have a home, of course). It's actually quite lovely to watch when I know that I don't have to be out in that junk.

I thought I'd share a little Project Life stuff I've been working on. Forgive me, because they are all iPhone photos poorly edited due to crappy dining room light, but whatevs.
I'm working on more PL today, since I had more photos printed (and I bought a new kit! That I did not need!). I'm excited that Project Life will probably be the majority of my next 5 days.
The following pages come from my mini album. It was originally intended for my first year of marriage album, but it proved to be too small and restricting, so I'm now using it for wedding photos. I haven't gone through the album and journaled or even filled in most of the pages, honestly. So it's not even close to being done! Here's a peek:

So that's what I've got so far! I'm pretty excited about it, even though it's definitely a beginner's album. 
A few products used:
SN@P by Simple Stories 6x8 binder + page protectors 
Project Life 5th & Frolic Edition Core Kit
PL Sunshine Edition Core Kit
PL Midnight Edition Core Kit
+ a few other random bits and pieces I found at our local scrapbook store. 
(We R Memory Keepers is a favorite of mine!)

I hope you are able to stay in and stay warm this weekend! I can bet you anything I will spend the next few days permanently stationed on the couch. My only wish is that our fireplace wasn't just for looks... 
xo Haley 

*I attribute this fear of driving in winter weather to my father. He very rarely let me drive in snow/ice, nor was I ever taught *how* to drive in it, which is a-okay with me, I'd prefer to just stay in and avoid it all! Blake thought all this would end when we got married, but jokes on him! My dad even texted me early this morning with the following message, "I hope you are staying in and off the roads today." And usually, when the weather is like this, he adds on, "if you need a ride anywhere, let me know, I'll come get you." -- but today is a sick day for pops, and he's out of commission (DARN.)

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  1. That ice sounds very treacherous but as for the cold - I'd gladly take those temperatures! In Calgary this week its -10 Farenheit!