Sunday, May 12, 2013

This week.

The week seemed to move at a glacial pace and felt extremely rushed at the same time. These weeks keep going by faster and faster, and I just kind of want to yell, "hey, life! Slow down a little bit!" Life just really doesn't seem to listen to me! I was chatting with my mom this morning about wedding things, and we realized that we are coming up on the 3 month mark in just a couple of weeks! We are STILL working on guest lists, which means we kind of sort of missed our mark on sending Save the Dates, so... oops. I am starting the never ending process of thrifting and antiquing every free moment that I have. I found my wedding band(s) that I want (I'm retiring my engagement ring after the wedding. It's just too old to wear every day!). Blake decided he'd rather get a tattoo "ring," so we're gonna work on designs soon. It's all becoming very real - and I know I say that a lot, but the more I realize that summer is here, and it'll be over in a snap, I start to freak out a little! 
This week was a good one, although, as I said - slow and rushed at the same time. Here's a few bits from this past week: 
1. Lately, I haven't been too happy with my nails. I know that's a silly thing to get bent out of shape about, but I really take pride in the fact that I don't bite my nails anymore (I bit them until I graduated high school!), so when they are all different lengths/shapes I hate it! Currently, my nails are silver with gold glitter. I did that in honor of The Great Gatsby. ;)
2. Earlier in the week I made Blake stuffed french toast and bacon for dinner. I've been trying to cook more at home, and especially trying new recipes at least once a week for Blake. I could care less if I cooked, but come October, I'm going to have another person to feed, so I might as well start trying to find recipes we both like, right?!
3. This. Candy. Exists. Basically, it tastes like a less chocolatey version of cookie dough bites, but they are pretty yummy! Blake and I were originally going to see The Great Gatsby Friday night at the Marquee Suites (reclining leather seats! they serve you dinner and drinks during the movie!), but when we got there (like, 45 minutes before the movie) it was sold out! Of course, it was opening night for a really hyped up movie, so we should've known, but it was still disappointing! We hopped on over to the "normal" movie theater next door, grabbed sodas and candy and saw The Great Gatsby at 10pm - too late for that movie, is all I have to say about that!*

This week is full, full, full. Lots going on in the next few weeks, I'm so ready for a break! I have so much wedding stuff to work on, I'm gonna need a break real soon!
I hope your day is just fabulous!
OH YEAH. It's Mother's Day!
Happy mom's day to my momma (who is just the greatest! We couldn't spend it together since I'm working, and she's at Silver Dollar City working my dad's BBQ stand, which is HOLY AWESOME).
Today during church, our pastor's wife said a special prayer for the moms, the future moms, and those who have lost children. Her specific words pertaining to future moms were, "those women who are still praying for their unborn babies." Is it weird that I felt like she was talking to me when she said that? Um... we'll just leave it at that. Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas, grandmas, future moms, and fur-baby moms!

*really, though. The Great Gatsby was just brilliant. Visually pleasing is how I like to describe it. :)

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