Thursday, May 30, 2013


(It's been a while since I've done one of these, so I thought it would be fun!)

Drinking: Blood Orange San Pellegrino. My weakness.

Listening to: The "Porcupine Puffer" episode of Octonauts. Octonauts is all the rage in this household right now. We love any and all Disney Jr. shows over here, but that is the only show they'll watch right now. At least it's educational?

Thinking about: Getting all of the addresses together in one, organized document for our wedding invites. I've started on it, but I keep putting it away because it stresses me out. I am the worst at this wedding stuff.

Talking to: Blake (texting, duh). He got his tax refund today and I am trying to convince him to put it towards a good new pair of Hunter rain boots for me... ;)

Obsessing over: Okay, this sounds awful. But Netflix added new episodes of Bridezillas online. And... every night before bed, I watch 2 episodes. I just really love that show. I can't help it.

Wishing for: more coffee, more sleep, and more free time. But it looks like the only thing happening for me anytime soon is the coffee.

(Breigh is doing okay! Well, as okay as she can be after having brain surgery and multiple seizures. She's at the hospital still, and will be for the next few days, just to keep a watch on her and make sure the seizures are under control. The seizures really came out of nowhere, since they definitely didn't happen last time she had surgery (in December). I got to visit her yesterday, and she is such a trooper. Oh, and the ChickFilA cow came to visit her, too!

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  1. You should google a wedding guest excel spreadsheet! I downloaded one and it has been my lifesaver! I have all of the addresses of all my guests, whether or not they were invited to the rehearsal dinner, the gift they gave at the shower, if they received a thank you card, and same for the gifts at the wedding itself! You gotta start somewhere and the spreadsheet I found online was the most useful tool!