Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The one where my best friend leaves for the city of angels.

 This pretty girl leaves bright and early Friday morning for the great big city of Los Angeles.
Ever since I met Cassie (nearly 8 years ago!), it's been absolutely no secret that she could not wait to get out of our small town and be a big actress. And, you guys, she has talent out the wazoo. She is incredible. She's already graduated college at 20 years old, and on her way to making her dreams come true. I remember when she got the call that she'd got a part in her first commercial! It was like Christmas day, we were all so giddy and excited for her!
I really couldn't be more proud of her. Here are a few photos of us from the past couple of years - and believe me, I left out the more embarrassing photos from freshman year. ;)

If it wasn't obvious enough... the whole "Charlie's Angels" pose is sort of our thing. :)

All through high school, we had so many traditions that were just between the two of us. We saw 3 out of the 5 Twilight movies at midnight, each time we made t-shirts for the occasion, and my dad always joined in on the fun (for the record, my dad saw all of them at midnight with me. All five!!). We had "Heath Ledger Remembrance Day" every summer, and that's no joke. Every summer since his death, we rented 3 movies of his that we'd never seen, ordered pizza, and shut ourselves in my room for a whole day. That led us to our favorite Heath movie, Candy. Hello, amazing movie. We took advantage of Timewarp Tuesdays at our favorite $1 theater (that is definitely not $1 anymore, side eye). We saw so many movies together during our senior year and it's by far one of my favorite memories with Cassie.

A few days ago, her parents hosted a fun graduation/going away party for Cass, and it was SO much fun to get together, all of us girls, for one last time. While eating lunch, she told me she was definitely coming home for Christmas, and it was like getting an early birthday present! I was almost *positive* she wouldn't be back for a while! I mean, Christmas is still ~7 months away, but still! Eeee! It's still up in the air if she'll be able to come to my wedding or not, but we're crossing fingers and toes that she'll be able to (she is a bridesmaid after all, even if she is just there in spirit!).
me, Breigh, Cassie & Alyssa
Excuse the grainy, dark quality of the photo - but it's the only one I've got from the party on Sunday, and it's the most current photo I have of all of us together. I treasure this more than you guys will ever know! Tomorrow night is my last night to get together with Cassie & Alyssa and I am SO looking forward to it. I had coffee with Cassie today, but it was just not enough! I don't know how on earth I will handle having to really say goodbye tomorrow.

I'm so proud of you Cassabee, you sure are something special.

*ps, Breigh has her second surgery on her brain tomorrow morning. It's an extensive surgery to remove a tumor sitting on her left optic nerve. If you can spare a prayer, it would be so appreciated. Thank you so, so much!


  1. Such great memories to have! I wish your friend the best in her pursuits. As well, as breigh. I pray that the doctors are successful in removing the tumor.

  2. I love the signature pose that the three of you have - and the fact that you all celebrated Heath Ledger day every summer - so sweet! Also - good luck to Breigh and wishing a seamless surgery and a speedy recovery :)