Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Weekend

This weekend I am

Moving a few more things out of my old apartment (I have to be completely out on Sunday!)
Spending THREE days with Claire!
Trying on wedding dresses.
Going to Fair Grove's fall festival (fried oreos, y'all).
Maybe going to a haunted corn maze, if I can convince Claire...? ;)
Introducing Claire to my other two besties, Breigh and Colby.

I am extremely excited for Claire to be here for the weekend. She came earlier this year, when we looked at our wedding venue. As much as I would love for my other three best friends here to watch my try on wedding gowns for the first time, I'm so excited that Claire is coming all the way from Arkansas for this special occasion.

In other wedding news, I have been nailing out some honeymoon plans. As you probably know, we decided on Disney World. We got a little too excited and started buying all these Mickey Mouse themed t-shirts (I guess I was the one that went overboard. Blake only has one shirt, I bought 2 shirts, a sweater and a dress.... obsessed!). To make it all feel a little bit more 'real,' my boss (who recently had her own Disney trip last weekend), brought back Mickey and Minnie luggage tags for Blake and me. HOLY CRAP I was so excited.

And non-wedding related news: I am starting to love Glee again. The Office is killing me. New Girl is super funny. And I feel like the writers of Parks and Rec are trying to give me heart failure with this whole long distance relationship thing between Leslie and Ben.
Why was that whole update based on TV shows? I need a life. Also, I have cable for the first time in over a year. So that's probably why I'm hooked on TV so much. I even watched Pirates of the Caribbean, j.u.s.t. because it was on TV! Television intervention needed over here.

And all of a sudden it's 10:30 pm, and my computer is about to die.
Also, this was such a boring post. I won't be offended if you don't read it all.

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