Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Short hair.

There was this time in my life when I was really skinny, I bit my nails (and apparently never kept up with how my nails were painted...), and I had short hair.

So basically, this post is about nothing except for the fact that I would do anything to have short hair again. Which, I guess I could cut it... but I don't want to have to stress about growing it out before the wedding. Sigh. I bet you anything I come back from the honeymoon with chin length hair. I'll put a quarter on that bet.

This post was stupid and unnecessary.
Back to regular programming.

that photo is from the summer before I graduated. That was a good summer.. I think. 


  1. I'm with you! I adore my hair shorter, but I too am growing it out for my own wedding. Stay strong sister!

  2. I felt the SAME exact way around my wedding. I chopped off a good 8 inches and had chin-length hair (and now it's just barely below my chin.) I hate that I did it. It'll be so long before my hair grows back! Maybe I just don't know how to style short hair. haha Who knows.